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Wenzel is an American author who lives in Norway. He specializes in religious fiction, combining challenging literary themes with adventure and romance.

A Witch in the Wardrobe
-a novel-

A Midspring
Night's Dream

-a novella-

Seeing is Believing
-a short story-

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“From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence."
Matthew  11:12

All characters herein are fictional

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A Witch in the Wardrobe

An Evangelical Thriller

(Finished novel seeking agent/publisher

-Imagine the enormous fan-following of C. S. Lewis in modern Evangelical culture. Imagine also the bitter conflict between mainstream believers who adore Lewis’s books and the right-wing fringe who believe Lewis's fantasies have evil, Occult powers.

When a hidden document is discovered in an obscure Belfast attic, rumors spread that Lewis was once an occult practitioner. Whether to destroy or publish, both factions want to get their hands on the now missing «Belfast Documents» and are willing to kill for it. This is an upmarket novel, a literary thriller. The reader will find action, romance, literary criticism, and a nuanced description of the Evangelical experience today.

A short presentation
Twenty-six-year-old Shannon Dillon uncovers a secret document in an obscure Belfast attic. Her grandfather recognizes it as papers written by C. S. Lewis, the great Christian writer. Oddly, the binder is covered with Occult symbols. Startled, the grandfather calls university experts who promise to retrieve the papers the next day.
The word leaks out, and, within hours, armed bandits burst into the house to steal the documents. Things turn sour when an intruder shoots and kills the grandfather and younger brother. Shannon flees to the cellar and escapes through a window. The killer and his band take off with the manuscript. Shannon vows revenge.

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Caught in the Winds
-a published novel-  (2010)

.A new student at an evangelical college, comes of age by encountering his deepest aspirations.

Meet philosophy major Morrie Schiller, a misfit at Bethlehem College in the Midwest. He struggles to fit into normal student life at a Christian college. He tries and fails to win the girl he loves and then gets caught in the cross-fire as the school's progressives and right-wing factions wage war.

Enter Jack Joplin, a mysterious "philosophical" stranger who befriends and mentors Morrie down a dark path of pseudo-enlightenment. Things get out-of-hand as Morrie is catapulted into adventures that go beyond his wildest dreams. Maturity comes only by passing through the refiner's fire.

With humor and suspense, this novel seeks to shine a critical light on the religious
scene in America today.

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"Philosophy, theology, mysticism and the quirks of evangelical subculture filter throughout its pages."  (The Writers Edge)

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Including by Dr. Arthur Holmes
Wheaton College

What is religious fiction?Visit L. D. Wenzel''s YouTube Channel


In less than 10 videos,Wenzel discusses his passion for religious fiction. In a nutshell, religious fiction is a sub genre of literary fiction, when the author places literary characters in religious settings, whether to embrace or rebel against the situation, in which they find themselves.

Authentic religious fiction never seeks to be a sounding board for the authors personal religious views. The religious writer seeks to describe the phenomenon of religious experience as he or she sees it. This often involves existential struggle.

Wenzel also turns a critical eye on so-called "Christian fiction," better called the "Evangelical publishing industry" which is tightly framed by a sectarian point of view.

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Coming soon:
A Midsprings Night Dream
Seeing is Believing