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Wenzel is an American author who lives in Norway. He specializes in religious fiction, combining challenging literary themes of existence along with adventure and romance.
A Witch in the

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Caught in the

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A Midspring's

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Seeing is
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“From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence."
Matthew  11:12

All characters in this novel are fictitious. 

While historical persons are referred to,

they at no time participate in the story

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A Witch in the Wardrobe
An Evangelical Thriller

(N.B. presently seeking representation)

 Belfast, Northern Ireland—2004. 

Shannon Dillon (26) uncovers a hidden document in a cramped, dimly lit attic, sparking speculation that beloved author C. S. Lewis had once been involved in the Occult. When gangsters steal the controversial paper, they leave a trail of death in their wake. Shannon, once trained as an IRA sniper, vows revenge.

Leaving home for America, she recruits Simon Magister (34), a nerdy literature professor at an evangelical college. Against his Christian scruples, Simon is drawn in by scholarly curiosity and a repressed attraction to Shannon. Together, they are thrust into a deadly race to retrieve the coveted 'Belfast Document,' which Shannon believes will lead to the killer. Amidst many dangers, toils, and snares, an uneasy romance blossoms between the two.

Shannon and Simon navigate treacherous waters and become entangled in a violent conflict between opposing evangelical groups. Both groups are eager to possess the document's content and power.

 "A Witch in the Wardrobe" is a thrilling exploration of religious intrigue, blending faith, conspiracy, violence, romance—and the complex nuances of the Evangelical experience. 

Can Shannon and Simon prevail against these nefarious forces, or will darkness consume their quest for justice? Follow as they walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

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Caught in the Winds
-a published novel-  (2010)

.A new student at an evangelical college, comes of age by encountering his deepest aspirations.

Meet philosophy major Morrie Schiller, a misfit at Bethlehem College in the Midwest. He struggles to fit into normal student life at a Christian college. He tries and fails to win the girl he loves and then gets caught in the cross-fire as the school's progressives and right-wing factions wage war.

Enter Jack Joplin, a mysterious "philosophical" stranger who befriends and mentors Morrie down a dark path of pseudo-enlightenment. Things get out-of-hand as Morrie is catapulted into romantic adventures that go beyond his wildest dreams. A flawed hero, maturity nessitates his passing through the refiner's fire.

With humor and suspense, this novel seeks to shine a critical light on the religious scene in America today.

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"Philosophy, theology, mysticism and the quirks of evangelical subculture
filter throughout its pages." 
(The Writers Edge)

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Including by Dr. Arthur Holmes
Wheaton College

What is religious fiction?Visit L. D. Wenzel''s YouTube Channel


In less than 10 videos,Wenzel discusses his passion for religious fiction. In a nutshell, religious fiction is a sub genre of literary fiction, when the author places literary characters in religious settings, whether to embrace or rebel against the situation, in which they find themselves.

Authentic religious fiction never seeks to be a sounding board for the authors personal religious views. The religious writer seeks to describe the phenomenon of religious experience as he or she sees it. This often involves existential struggle.

Wenzel also turns a critical eye on so-called "Christian fiction," better called the "Evangelical publishing industry" which is tightly framed by a sectarian point of view.

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Coming soon:
A Midsprings Night Dream
Seeing is Believing