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Caught in the Winds
(The Writers Edge, Wheaton lL)
Mr. Wenzel: I have read ... ‘Caught in the Winds’ with a great deal of interest. I must say that it is not like anything else that I have read, which is a compliment since I read many hours every day ... Philosophy, theology, mysticism and the quirks of evangelical subculture filter throughout its pages.

 (Best Damn Creative Writing Blog)
 Wenzel masterfully captures the struggle between love, faith, and modernity with a prose that is effective and discerning. Spare, tender and full of surprises, ‘Caught in the Winds’ makes for a perfect summer getaway.

Dr. Arthur F. Holmes,
Professor Emeritus, Wheaton College (now deceased)
"Wenzel seems to have a writing gift: his sentence structure, his way with adjectives and sense of timing hold the reader’s interest. The characters come alive, and the overall plot hangs together and is neatly resolved. He takes on engaging philosophical issues." (2005) see full Holmes review.

(Foreword Review)
 L. D. Wenzel weaves an intriguing story that meanders through a variety of thought-provoking topics ... does an admirable job of character development and creates believable plots that make ‘Caught in the Winds’ an entertaining story. 5 stars Full review by Jeff Friend

(Midwest Book Review)
Morrie Schiller ... tries to come to terms with himself and his pursuits... A thoughtful read of Christianity and coming of age, ... a fine read and solidly recommended. 5 stars

(Dr. Tim White, professor at Northwest College near Seattle)
I love the imagination and heartfelt realism of this we need more fiction representing the values we wrestle with daily. I think any person from any religion would enjoy this book and I hope to see many more books by this gifted author.

(Literary critic Amanda Rooker)
I found the characters interesting and believable – and when you get to the point in the book where things really take off, you’ll know it. That’s when you won’t be able to put it down. And the best part is that it wasn’t just entertainment – it really named some issues for me that I don’t think I had ever named so succinctly, even after an M.Div. These topics won’t interest everyone, but if they do, you know who you are. Wenzel has written an unassuming, quietly profound coming-of-age book that was a delight to discover and share. Full review
amazing novel. As an evangelical Christian, pastor, and professor I hope many many people enjoy reading this novel.

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