Caught in the Winds

Detailed Description

In this dark-comic novel, Morrie Schiller is a new philosophy student at an evangelical college in Milwaukee. Try though he may, he just doesn't fit into the Christian campus scene.

The girl he loves sees him only as a ‘brother’, (themes about sexuality here.) and he’s in the crossfire as radical fundamentalists rage against the school with extremist views. Add to mix, he's haunted by an obsession to become a Roman Catholic.

Enter (antagonist) Jack Joplin, a mysterious, larger-than-life stranger, who lures Morrie to embrace a spurious brand of philosophy, which promises to "transcend beyond religious conventions". 

Morrie takes the bait and his lack-luster love-life is catapulted into Faust-like adventures that go beyond his wildest dreams. He goes from a nobody to one who can allure the hearts of the most beautiful (and posh) girls on campus, even threatening the power of the school's authority and the entire religious establishment on campus.

This is not your ordinary "Christian novel" and you probably won't find it in most church libraries. Aimed at the reflective reader, it challenges the bedrock of conventional, evangelical religiosity. However, as a coming-of-age novel, Morrie also comes to a higher place of faith after passing through the fire of testing. 

Here you will find a backdrop of liturgical spirituality that should also appeal to Catholic readers. Morrie passes from a grossly underdeveloped sexuality (ladened with religious shame), through Jack's misogyny, to a place of authentic maturity.

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Wenzel is an American author who lives in Norway. He specializes

in religious fiction, reflective with noir settings and suspense.