Seeing is Believing
"Blessed are the eyes that see the things you see."
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cover Manny and Harald Nelson, they knew their foster-child was special. As devote Christians, the elderly couple gave her a home filled with love at their cherry orchard farm in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin. Luna had a special gift, a way of seeing Nature with vision going beyond what ordinary people see. Like in the fantasy-land of Narnia, whenever Luna passed through the old iron gate at the orchard's end, she left the world of flowers, trees, and tall grass and entered the realm of meadow-fairies and elves.
 With her simple Christian faith, Manny believed God to have sent Luna as a gift and that her motherly calling was to nurture the child. One day Luna would use her heavenly insight to bring blessing to all God's children.

Elsewhere, Luna's perceptions wrought a variety reactions in the tiny village of Ellison Bay. The members at the local Bible church, where the Nelsons worshiped, were of a contrary mindset. Townspeople think Luna to be endowed with psychic powers.

Follow Luna as she passes in and out of the magic portal, making friends with Weenah and the flower-fairies beyond the meadow and trees into the land of Entréea. Follow as Manny and Harald seek to protect her and lovingly guide her along the spiritual path. Will the folks at church or the New Agers succeed in imposing their vision of reality on this happy home? What will Luna's destiny be?

Read “Seeing is Believing” a novelette of about 8,000 words.
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Wenzel is an American author who lives in Norway. He specializes
in religious fiction, reflective with noir settings and suspense.